Agapé Senior was founded in 1999 with one small assisted-living facility in West Columbia.  Since then, Agapé has grown to ten assisted living facilities and three post-acute care rehab centers around the state, along with our hospice services, the largest provider of hospice services in the state, we care for more than 1,800 residents and patients.  Agapé currently employs over 2,000 employees.

Today, Agapé Senior is comprised of a variety of coordinated and interrelated services designed to meet the needs of our residents and patients as well as seniors in local communities.  The supporting services at Agapé Senior were born out of the realization that many service providers with whom Agapé Senior conducted business were incapable of meeting the needs and standards of Agapé Senior on an ongoing basis.  Each service that has been created under the Agapé umbrella has joined the comprehensive effort to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our residents, patients, and community customers.

Agapé has expaned into home medical equipment, physician's care, pharmacy, ambulance services, real estate, home care, and soon home health services.  Agapé has also created its core of wellness services designed to promite healthy lifestyles.  These include our 24-hour fitness centers, cafés, and conference and education center.